Facilitation of Major Organization Change:

    • Start-up operations
    • Turn-around situations
    • Creating spin-offs
    • Merging organizations
    • Re-engineering work processes
    • Changing organizational cultures
    • Developing high performance and self-managed teams

Purpose -- To support managers and other organization members who are responsible for major organizational change. These situations call for skills which are typically outside the repertoire of most managers and organization members. Our organizational experts and skilled facilitators guide those responsible for organizational effectiveness in these situations through critical planning and decision making processes in a way that minimizes resistance and ensures the desired change is lasting.

Results -- The promise of major change is often lost in the confusion of making it happen. Everyone is on unfamiliar ground. Typically, performance drops and resistance increases -- sometimes to the point that the change effort is abandoned. Our consultants point the way in this time of confusion; coaching and guiding organization leaders toward working in a way that reduces confusion, enhances performance and ensures support for the change process.

Special Features -- Our consultants and facilitators teach skills, offer options, draw-out the ideas of your in-house experts, and facilitate decision making and planning processes which produce the outcomes desired by your organization's decision makers. Essentially, we provide the support your managers and organization members need to feel comfortable about making decisions and taking action in these ambiguous situations from start to finish. Our coaching not only helps them in their current situation; it prepares them for the change situations they are likely to experience in the future.