Facilitated Planning and Decision Making:

    • Decision making meetings and implementation strategies
    • Problem solving meetings and implementation planning
    • Strategy development
    • Goal setting
    • Action planning


Purpose -- To ensure your planning or decision making process is efficient and effective. Our consultants guide your experts through the most appropriate steps, make sure relevant data are considered, everyone's input is heard, and the best choices are made.

Results -- The processes offered by our consultants increases quality and reduces decision making and planning time by keeping participants focused on the task and helping them overcome vested interest and short-sightedness. The approach they use emphasizes underlying causes rather than symptoms, objectively considers all relevant data, employs the best judgment of those involved and produces results that are implementable.

Special Features -- While ensuring the best quality decisions and plans are made, our consultants also keep an eye on implementability and support from stakeholders. If desired they can also teach your staff how to facilitate their own processes using a wide variety of planning, problem solving, and decision making tools.