Project History

Selected Survey Analysis and Consulting Experience

1999 - 2000 Energy Northwest. Designed and facilitated portions of a five-week Leadership Academy for managers and supervisors offered throughout the year. Collected, analyzed and provided feedback on organizational climate and individual leadership skills for hundreds of attendees.

1999 - 2000 The Williams Companies. Helped design and deliver a portion of a five-day program for Officers and Directors of the Communications, Energy and Gas Pipeline companies in this group. This program is called ‘Leading Through Your Values’ and is a major effort to strengthen the organization culture and core values of this diverse organization in changing times.

1999 - 2000 FAA - Alaska Region. Aligned separate program elements in a large, complex environmental and safety compliance program by developing performance objectives, performance measures, critical actions and standardized status report for each element and demonstrated how they each support common performance objectives for the entire program.

1999 USAA (insurance & financial management). Culture assessment of all parts of this premier privately held financial management company including: Property & Casualty Insurance, the Investment Company, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, and the Federal Savings Bank. This company is consistently selected as one of the top 100 places to work in the U.S. and wanted to know what their current culture, if it was different in various parts of the enterprise, what forces might be working to change it, and what steps needed to be taken to strengthen it to achieve strategic objectives.

1999 FAA - Alaska Region. Developed a computer based management tool which provides expert advice about specific actions required of operations supervisors to maintain compliance. Project required data collection to ‘capture’ decision making of experts and translation of this expertise into action checklists based on periodic maintenance requirements or events that may generate the need for compliance actions.

1998-1999 Freddie Mac. Team development and strategic planning with the CFO and his executive team. Survey assessment, analysis and data feedback were a key part of this seminar.

1998-1999 Fannie Mae. Multiple team development and strategic planning seminars with executives and managers in the Technology Services and in Information Services. Additional seminars with the teams they each lead. Each seminar included survey assessment, analysis and feedback of their organizations and them as leaders.

1998 Washington Public Power Supply System. Analysis of frequency, importance, and difficulty for about 50 critical tasks done by supervisors and managers. Data collection, analysis and reports used to design next generation training and development programs for supervisors and managers.

1997 – 1998 FAA – Alaska Region. Strategic and implementation planning for hand-off of major responsibilities and duties from the region headquarters to field managers. Includes: an assessment of training requirements, required inspections and compliance activities as well as design of tracking systems to ensure necessary activities are accomplished. Facilitated joint planning meetings and development of processes that can be supported by all stakeholders.

1997 Walt Disney World. Helped design and delivered several three-day seminars called ‘The Stuff Americans Are Made Of…’ to outside corporations for Disney University. Seminar focused on the culturally unique way Americans approach personal and organizational quality. This was the first seminar Disney University offered that was not ‘Disney’s Way to …’ and the first to promise improvement for the company purchasing it.

1997 Washington Public Power Supply System. Culture, values and performance assessment of this large nuclear power plant and support organizations. Data collection, analysis and report used as input for strategic planning and design of management development programs.

1997 FAA – Eastern Region. Program evaluation of region’s environment and safety compliance programs form the field user’s perspective. Data collection, analysis and report followed by strategic planning.

1997 Department of Energy. Collected, analyzed and reported data to support a strategic realignment of the headquarters operation for the Deputy Assistant Secretary managing waste recycling and storage.

1996 FAA – Alaska Region. Program evaluation of region’s environment and safety compliance programs form the field user’s perspective. Data collection, analysis and report followed by strategic planning.

1995 International Monetary Fund. In-depth analysis of organizational climate data. Action planning to improve working climate.

1994 -1995 FAA – Southern Region. Program evaluation of region’s environment and safety compliance programs form the field user’s perspective. Data collection, analysis and report followed by strategic planning.

1993 University of Maryland National Leadership Institute. Designed and developed three to five-day seminars on high performance teaming and leadership.

1993 The Wirthlin Group. Developed survey and assessment tools for programs offered by the American Quality Foundation to Fortune 100 companies.

1993 Ryland Homes. Consultation and training offered to key personnel from the president to first line supervisors on developing self-managed teams. Additional consultation provided to improve the structure and working relationships between home building and the mortgage company.

1993 Office of Government Ethics. Conducted interviews with key personnel to determine training needed to enhance performance and trust.

1993 Maryland State Highway Administration. Developed and conducted several workshops on Total Quality and Teamwork for personnel at all levels (hourly employees to Administrator) and all functional areas.

1993 Federal Bureau of Prisons. Conducted half-day leadership development seminars for middle managers from all functional areas.

1993 Fannie Mae. Designed and conducted a two-day team development workshop for middle managers in the Information Systems Division.

1993 Doctors Hospital. Designed and conducted several three-day seminars to enhance trust and improve working relationships between physicians, nurses and administrative staff in this large teaching hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Consultation on action steps for CEO, senior managers, and medical specialists at all levels.

1993 Defense Mapping Agency. Designed and conducted several team development and strategic planning seminars for senior staff and the Director of the Hydrographic and Topographic Center.

1992 U.S. Department of Agriculture. Designed and conducted three-day executive development programs conducted nationally for middle level managers from all regions in the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

1992 Federal Bureau of Investigation - Technical Services Division. Designed and conducted several seminars on high performance teaming for managers and personnel at all levels.

1992 Federal Aviation Agency - Office of Training and Higher Education. Developed a new concept of operations, mission statement and consulted on appropriate organization structures.

1992 Federal Aviation Agency - Headquarters, Air Traffic. Evaluated corrective action and current organizational climate in a major Air Traffic Control Center which had a history of sexual harassment. A report assessing the current organizational climate and recommendations sent to headquarters division monitoring progress.

1992 Federal Aviation Agency - Environmental and Safety Compliance. Conducted a three-day team development and strategic planning seminar for senior managers. Also conducted a half-day seminar for regional directors on meeting management and facilitation.

1992 Ryland Homes. Consultation focused on organizational design and transition management which resulted in a major restructuring of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Ryland is the second largest home builder in the U.S.

1991-1998 University of Maryland Center for Professional Development. Provide management seminars for senior managers from a variety of organizations. Topics include: leadership, management skills feedback, participative management, decision making styles.

1991 Ralston Purina - Information Systems and Services Division. Provided seminar and experiential training on high performance teaming, quality customer service and creative problem solving for managers and directors.

1991 - 1997 National Leadership Institute. Designed curriculum and delivered monthly seminars to vice presidents and senior managers from a variety of corporate and public sector organizations. Served as Lead Trainer for number one rated (by Wall Street Journal) leadership development seminar in the nation.

1991 The Huntington National Bank. (Fortune 60 Bank) Management development seminar for senior managers focusing on high performance teaming and creative problem solving.

1991 Superintendent, United States Air Force Academy. Consultation on organizational structure, mission and proposed changes to enhance organizational commitment.

1991 State of Maryland - State Highway Administration. Provided seminars on "Leadership and Total Quality Systems Management" for middle and senior managers.

1991 Southern Air Transport. Provided an analysis of recent changes in corporate culture and their effect on cargo transport operations and personnel productivity.

1991 MCI - Systems Engineering Division. Designed and provided executive development and cross-functional teaming workshops for vice presidents and directors. Also facilitated strategic planning for relocation and future operations.

1991 Central Intelligence Agency. Designed major components of the senior level management course.

1990 Wisconsin Air National Guard. Provided consultation on analysis of data from a retention survey.

1990 PMI Food Equipment Manufacturing Group. At request of the Group Director of Manufacturing, helped management staff of a key plant to change their organizational culture and manufacturing procedures in support of new product lines.

1990 Foreign Service Institute (State Department). Provided consultation on training program and two-day team building workshop for Junior Officers Indoctrination Course .

1990 Defense Intelligence Agency, Counter-Intelligence Directorate. Collected and analyzed survey and interview data and provided consultation on ways to improve organizational climate and productivity.

1990 Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco. Consultation on methods of management selection and training.

1990 Army Material Command. Served on a commission reviewing present and future operations of the US Army Management Engineering College and the US Army Logistics Management College. Recommended changes to the mission and operations over the next ten years. These colleges train over 61,000 Army civilians each year.

1989-1991 U.S. Postal Service Management Academy. Developed training concepts and course materials for programs offered to top 1000 senior managers. Topics included: decision making; problem solving; adventure team building; and creativity, risk-taking and innovation. Facilitated and taught in all sessions of the Advanced Management Program.

1989-1991 U.S. Air Force Center for Professional Development. Developed concept and course materials for a six day leadership seminar for new Family Support Center Directors and Deputy Directors. Several customized assessment instruments were designed to assess attendees’ skills in their leadership of individuals, organizations and systems. Course design was incorporated into other key programs offered by the Center.

1989-1991 The Huntington National Bank (A Fortune 60 Bank). Leadership development and strategic planning with senior vice presidents, managers and supervisors in the Corporate Credit Administration. Seminars on personal development, management team effectiveness, organizational structure, organizational climate, strategic planning and high performance teaming.

1989-1990 USAF Major Air Command Personnel Deputies. Offered seminars on action planning for budget cuts and developed 'measures of merit' to evaluate Personnel programs supporting USAF families.

1989-1990 USAF Inspector General. Provided information, literature and discussion on "Commitment to Professional Service" -- What is it? How can it be developed? Why is it important? How can it be measured? Why is it changing? Provided conceptual thinking for USAF IG and USAF Chief of Staff project to change values and culture of the Officer Corps.

1989-1990 Air Force Technical Applications Center. Advised commanders on functional alignment and best use of newly established Office of Innovation. Provided seminars on "The Commander's role in Innovation" for senior staff and on "Creativity and Innovation" for personnel assigned to a high tech lab facility.

1989 The Federal Aviation Agency. Collected and analyzed data on management development programs used by the federal government, universities, and non-profit organizations. Developed benchmarks for the 'state-of- art.'

1989 Headquarters USAF. Advised Pentagon Air Staff on functional realignment of USAF Family Support Center operations, coordinated change efforts with several Major Air Command Headquarters, and conducted several strategic planning sessions with USAF Personnel policy makers. Also, assessed the organizational climate for over 1000 FSC staff personnel throughout the Air Force.

1989 General Electric Plastics Division. Developed a survey for employees to assess differences of values between minorities and management.

1988-89 USAF Chief of Staff. Helped the Family Support Center Review Panel develop new FSC charter and policy. FSC serves as advocate for the military family population at each installation and represents a $250 million expenditure; $47 million annually. Recommendations realigned family support responsibilities of several other USAF agencies as well.

1988 USAF Personnel Strategic Planning Conference. Assisted panel on "Institutional Values" to deal with critical areas of concern and set the USAF personnel policy agenda in this area for the next ten years.

1987 White House Military Support Staff. Developed program proposals and provided background information to facilitate their support planning for upcoming Strategic Arms Limitation talks and presidential transition.

1987 Air Force Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Air Force. Served as senior consultant to the Air Force Blue Ribbon Panel on Spouse Issues, a twenty-two member panel which visited 20 bases and interviewed about 3000 persons around the world. Supervised data collection and analysis, developed all reports and briefings, and facilitated all group decisions and discussions of findings.

1986-1987 USAF Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel. Consulted on survey design and data analysis for yearly study of "Factors Affecting the Career Decisions of USAF Pilots".

1986-1987 USAF Academy - Dean of Faculty. Designed organizational climate surveys, collected and analyzed data. Reported results individually to 23 Academic Department Heads yearly.

1984-1987 Air Force Office of Security Police and numerous sub-units in the U.S. and overseas. Study on "Stress and Work Performance of Security Police Guards". Collected, analyzed and reported results of survey and interview data.

1984 U.S. Air Force Academy - Superintendent's Committee on the Cadet Honor Code. Consultant on interview and survey procedures and data analysis.

1984 U.S. Air Force Academy - Committee on the Integration of Women. Consultant on interview and survey procedures.

1983-1987 Defense Nuclear Agency. Designed study on "Behavioral Issues Affecting Physical Security"; collected, analyzed and reported survey and interview data regarding effects of shift schedules.

1980 U.S. Air Force Academy - Superintendent's Committee on Competition. Provided subject expertise, designed study, collected and analyzed data, reported results.